Why Your Chest Pain May Not Be Heart Related – Health Talk Online

attacks. But, the majority of chest pain is actually not related to your heart. As there are numerous organs and tissues that surround the heart, that’s why it’s so common. There are, for instance, the lungs, gall bladder as well as the liver, to mention just a few. There are many possible causes of the difficulty. But, it is important to be safe and call your closest urgent care clinic right away. In this video you’ll be able to learn more about various other possible causes of chest pain.

The largest contributor to chest pain is in fact digestion. It makes up more than 40% of cases related to chest pain. Particularly, acid reflux or ingestion can trigger chest pain that could be confused with heart attack symptoms. Actually some heart attacks are not symptomatic. This is why they are so dangerous. The strain of a muscle can be another major cause for chest discomfort. Many muscles are located in the same place in the same area as your heart. They can get strained similar to any other muscle. It can cause back pain and chest discomfort as well.