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It’s important to ensure that your roof is illuminated. This will prevent the formation of ice dams and can create damage. Retention of water is stopped by adequate air circulation. In addition, make sure you don’t to block any source of heat such as lights in the recessed area, because this can constitute the risk of fire. Be aware of exposed wiring and uncovered electrical boxes. Insulate your attic to prevent the loss of heat. This can be accomplished by sealing air leaks between your attic space and the below-level areas as well as applying weatherstripping on your entryway.
Get your Roof Clean

When your roof first gets constructed, it will appear shiny and new and will improve your curb-appeal significantly. Roofs begin to accumulate dirt, dust and debris through the years. It’s important to scrub your roof regularly so that it is at its best possible condition. A well-maintained roof generally lasts longer and is less likely to require repairs for the roof. The primary reason you should consider cleaning the roof is to prevent algae growth. It is said that the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association states that the growth of algae is frequent on roofs due to the retention of water. The growth of moss is also stimulated by moisture retention. If you spot regions that appear to be as if they are green or fuzzy in your roof, it may be moss.

How do you ensure that you are cleaning your roof in this case? It is possible that you are uncomfortable with the look of algae growing on your roof. The algae can affect your roof’s efficiency in terms of energy through affecting the reflective properties. Alongside moss and algae there is a chance that twigs and leaves to accumulate over the roof. They hold moisture, and create various difficulties. If you’re washing your roof on own instead of engaging a roofing professional You can perform a quick hosing down with no climbing on top of the roof. Use a rake for removing leaves if your roof is steep enough. Avoid pressure washing the roofbecause this may damage the roofing material.

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