Wedding Day Emergency Kit Must Haves – Everlasting Memories

ks wonders. It’s a great value and lightweight to take around. Even if you don’t need it, you’ll be able to find an inexpensive one in a store for a dollar. It may appear to be something you’d never need, but it could be. The wedding emergency kit is essential, and glue is one product you should never be in a position to be caught without. Krazy glue works wonders in different situations. It is also used in the construction industry by a company called an architect.
To touch up, you can use a tiny kit of makeup

As you do your hair and makeup trials with your group make sure you decide what makeup products you’ll wear to the wedding. This way, you’ll be able to shop for a few products that are suitable for traveling. What will happen if your makeup shifts throughout the reception and ceremony? If you have a few key products in your kit for emergencies You can figure out ways to extend your look.

A few of the wedding essential items to have in your emergency kit include cosmetic concealer, wipe-off pads makeup spray, and spray for setting. All of these can help you out when something goes wrong regarding your makeup. Request the makeup artist send you a small vial of lipstick to reapply. The vial should be kept by the maid of honor so she will be able to apply some lip touchups before big moments.

Extra Earrings

Back-up earrings aren’t a popular thing. However, they are quite indispensable. You will certainly choose a pair that is unique for the day of your wedding. You will nonetheless require smaller, comfortable pair. These could be lifesavers. It is possible that your main earrings become a bit weighty. There’s no need to suffer all the day. Instead, count on your backups. These backups can also be extremely useful in the event that your earrings break or are lost throughout the course of the day.

Jewel Cleaner

Your need your jewelry to look in great shape before your wedding day. It’s best to carry a jewelry cleaner included in your kit of emergency items for the wedding. A few of your guests as well as family members may be tempted to join you and hold your ring. Photographers might also want to take up some close-ups of your jewelry. It’s a great way to showcase your jewelry.