Using Color Psychology in Your Web Design – Contemporary Art Magazine

The design of a website can create or destroy a business’s brand and increase sales. Web sites are the most effective way to reach target audiences for businesses, and one without an online presence is not a one that will survive the coming years. If you are building a website, one of the main aspects to consider is what colors you’ll use. Colors can create a web page that stands out. If you fail to consider the importance of this, and instead choose to build your website using templates, it is an mistake. In this short video, we will take an inside look at the world of color psychology . We will also discuss how you select the ideal combination of colors for your brand.

It is tempting to design your website based on your company’s brand colors. Be cautious when you think the solution can be as simple as. In some cases, warm colors are distracting on a website’s background particularly oranges and reds. Be sure to develop the color scheme using neutral tones, off-black grays and muted shades for your page to remain legible as well as pleasing to the eyes. Furthermore, consider using Duotones, complementary colors and other colors that will make your site shine.