The Way You Dispose of Your Garbage Could Soon Be Changing – Technology Radio

the mess we have to clear. There are times when we require the use of a huge dumpster in order for dirt from construction. This isn’t the only country that operates the same way. As an example, Canada is the worst with garbage collection occurring just once twice a week. They will have twice as much garbage on the disposal each week. This is not the case in all countries.

The trash trucks in Taiwan are different in that they blast music when they approach your home. This might seem to be an enjoyable little song. But, it lets people know when they should take their garbage out. In this way, trash does not need to be left outside by the road. A different country has taken this concept to a higher level.

Amsterdam, the city Amsterdam in the Netherlands has invented a new method to keep garbage in storage until its collection. They have garbage bins that can be stored beneath the city. The trash containers actually serve as traps that connect to larger dumpsters that are below floor. This way, the smells don’t permeate the streets and attract wildlife.