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Seven airbags are standard for the SUV. Also, it has pretensioner seatbelts for the outer rows of the second and the first row seats. They are able to be fitted into the third row however they are not required. For the crash tests on cars The GLE scored 45.3 out of 49 points. In the offset frontal test, the car scored 15.25 on 16 points, while on the side impact test, it scored full points. It also received 100% points for fitting child restraints. It also got 10 points of the 13 points for safety features that are on board. Currently, this makes this SUV the safest vehicle for children passengers.

Based on the ANCAP report, the car showed a weak level of protection when it concerns neck tension. The test was carried out with a dummy aged ten years. Similar results were seen when the test was carried out on a dummy of six years. The tests on side impacts showed that both the six-year and 10-year-old dummies performed well, leading to the most scores for the vehicle.

It is important that you take into account safety of your children in selecting a vehicle for your family. The Mercedes-Benz GLE performed well. It managed to rack the top spot with a score in the range of 34.9 out of 38, and 91% for Adult Occupant Safety. In the case of the entire width of the rigid barrier frontal collision, the car scored 7.71 out of 8 , and 7.33 out of 8 for the test of the offset frontal.

It is the Range Rover Evoque

The capacity of the SUV’s five seats is perfect for small children. The car comes with six airbags. Pre-tensioner seatbelts are available for each row. The car was rated 89% in terms of child safety. This is slightly lower than that of the Mercedes. It scored 43.8 points of 49. Its Range Rover Evoque received 15.73 points for frontal offset collisions following crash tests. The vehicle then scored maximum points on the side-impact test as well as the frontal impact test.