The Art of Refinishing Cupboards Like a Cabinet Painter – Art Magazines Online

Net refinishing could be an affordable way to change your bedroom or kitchen. If you want to do it right, you will need hiring a professional to paint your cabinets.

These are the tips that an experienced cabinet painter can give you for professional cabinet finishing.

1. Countertops must be secured

With cabinet refinishing, you’re doing a little bit of a remodel. A good way to protect your countertops is with rosin paper. method to shield countertops from flooring. The newspaper will do so long as you wrap it completely.

2. Remove Hardware, Cabinet Doors and drawers

Cabinet painting will give the cabinets a professional more tidy appearance, by removing the drawers and hardware.

3. Mark the Doors

If you’re learning to paint cabinets, it’s a good idea to draw or display all the doors and drawers. Label them with numbers and quickly place them back in their appropriate spot.

4. Grease should be cleaned

The preparation for painting the cabinets in your kitchen is a vital procedure. Even the most expensive paint will not adhere to the grease-stained cabinets. It is possible to use dishwashing cleaners however a grease-removing product will work better.

5. Use a Primer that is Fast-Drying

Select a primer that dry rapidly if you’re looking to be able to do the job more quickly. Use an enamel primer under the body because water-based paints have advanced a long ways, particularly when it’s time to prepare.