Summer Heat Attracts Bed Bugs; Bed Bugs Thrive In Unlikely Places

suitcases, bags and other items. Used furniture is also a good place to hide bedsbugs. Bedbugs are easily spread between rooms.

What Can You Do To Eliminate Bedbugs To a complete extent?
Recognize infested areas. Don’t move infested items to other areas. Rinse the bedding, steam textiles and sweep furniture.
Contact pest control when the number of pests has reached a high level.

What to Look for and How to Kill Bed Bugs
Bedbugs can be killed by high temperature (over 118F) or extreme cold temperature (0F). The signs of an infestation are:
Bed linen stained by blood
Bedding Rust-colored Drops
– Musty odors

How to kill Bed Bugs On Your Own
Wash the bedding and clothes in hot water. Dry them at the top heating setting.
Steam-clean couches, mattresses carpets, mattresses, and others infested spaces.
Caulk is used to close gaps to eliminate hiding spots and make them visible in the wide open.
Utilize mattress covers with protection. Bedbugs become trapped and then die.
Vacuum all furniture and rooms.

Infestations of bed bug are most likely to be identified in the very first signs. Pest control specialists should be sought If the bed bug infestation is severe. 2fzn62uq1v.