Steps to Installing Shingles – Home Improvement Videos

It may appear daunting at first. This isn’t easy. In fact, it can become boring and repetitive. That’s why many would prefer to work with a roofer instead. However, you can certainly perform the task yourself. In this video, you will learn the basics of installing shingles.

A good roof is constructed with several components. Drip edging and felt paper are the most important components for the roof. It’s the most visible surface of your roof. It directs water away from the roof to the floor without it running across the siding. It’s essential to guard your siding. By putting the drip edge on, you will want the overhang to be about one-half inch from your roof. But the roof shouldn’t have felt or shingles to be hanging off your roof even. This means that you will need to cut these materials in the proper dimensions along the edges. One way to do this is measuring the amount for the final shingle and after that marking it on the bottom of the shingle you want to placed. You can simply cut along this line.