Pain Relief Strategies More Empowering Than a List of Anti Inflammatory Drugs

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6. Be aware of your breathing

Breath control is a technique to achieve purposeful relaxation. The process naturally lessens suffering. This technique can be extremely useful for patients suffering from chronic pain. Below are some excellent tips to ease discomfort when it is intense.

Take a moment to relax or find your seat in a cozy area.

Release your muscles and relax them by relaxing any tension on your muscles.

Breathe deeply for around four seconds, also exhale in the same manner.

Breathe in deeply by rubbing your nose. Then, begin counting to four.

You now have to hold your breath for a few manageable minutes

Breathe deeply and then hold for a few seconds.

Keep it for a couple of seconds

After repeating the exercise for five minutes or so it will be apparent that your pain will gradually diminish.

Oxygen therapy can be a great treatment for pain relief while staying clear of a long list of medications for inflammation. It’s effective in dealing with severe ailments like asthma, pneumonia and decompression sickness. But, it was quickly accepted for pain relief.

We will look at two kinds of oxygen therapy: the regular oxygen therapy and hyperbaric oxygen.

Regular oxygen therapy

The regular oxygen therapy involves the release of oxygen using a mask, nasal prongs and a breathing tube. It has been proven to be effective in stopping a migraine attack that is a cluster.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT).

The hyperbaric oxygen therapy uses tube-like rooms or pressurized rooms to increase atmospheric pressure significantly as well as increase the quantity of oxygen pure.

The therapy doesn’t treat CO2 or decompression illness.