Litterers Potentially Facing Jail Time After Popping Balloons in Ocean – Dan Park Law Group

Imagine this. Imagine spending a full year in jail for the act of littering. This could be the reality for several people who live in Miami. They were caught on video blowing balloons over the side of the boat, and down into the bay. The suspects allegedly released more than 50 balloons. At present, police have fined one man and a woman who were involved. The party organizer isn’t safe. The company that organized the event will likely also be subject to the possibility of a fine. It’s clear how seriously police take trash. This will likely deter other litterers. But, is this really the thought of these individuals? People who are likely to endure up to one year in jail are likely to need to call their local bondsman services for help in keeping them away from jail.

There seems to be a mixed reaction with this case. People are delighted that something is finally being implemented to reduce littering. Many are concerned that a year of jail time for these small offenses can be too long.