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For a name and for because of the fame and popularity of Elon Musk, there can be described as. Tesla is considered to be an elite brand that offers top-of-the-line cars. It also represents a leap into the future of technological advancement. Automobiles are only the beginning of the possibilities Elon Musk wants to do by establishing his Tesla brand. Tesla’s influence is evident in the home improvement market as it is known to place a large emphasis on the environment over the past few years. This video shows what Tesla’s roofs could appear like in the near future.

The latest roofing tiles are expected to look holographic they are made of texture-based glass built to last. These tiles will be able to withstand any weather, and also provide an old-fashioned look to your home’s roof. From the street perspective, your roof will appear normal. However, from the vantage higher up, they are reflective. They’re not brittle like traditional slate or clay tiles, and they absorb energy straight from the source. What’s not great about them?