How to Transform Your Bathroom for Spring – Swap Shop Radio

It’s the new season. Decorators in 2022 do not limit themselves to conventional flower decoration. They have a variety of different options in spring decor for bathrooms. Whatever your plans are for an entire bathroom remodel or simply adding some decorations, the perfect ideal time to begin is right now! This video details one decorator’s process of decorating her home to celebrate the spring season.

If you’re lucky enough to have the ideal environment, a tall plant or bonsai can bring some color and interest to the bathroom. Install a charming marble side table for keeping things on, or switch up the hue of your towels for some life. If you have an unframed shower the space may benefit from some hanging plants or simple macrame wall decorations. Invest in a new shower storage caddy to complement your color scheme using for spring. Don’t forget to include soft floral arrangements! The smallest details make the greatest impact on the bathroom. Beware of flashy and large accessories.