How to Install a Gas Fireplace – Maine’s Finest

The second alternative is to place blocks, stones, or bricks around the fireplace to create a structure for support.

The final step for installation of gas fireplaces is to set the fireplace in place. There are many options to support the fireplace and the most common option is to choose one of the surrounds for your fireplace. Venting is required. If you prefer to keep the venting open all the time make sure that the vent does not come into the direct vicinity of flammable substances.

After that, you’ll need to build your surround around your fireplace. This allows the heat from your masonry unit to be able to exit the building. When your fireplace is set for use, you’ll be required to put in your controls and light. Make sure that your gas fireplace will perform properly if you have the pilot lights on. Once you have turned on the gas and close the damper, you’ll notice flames rising out of the chimney. This is normal and indicates your fireplace is operating properly. That’s all there is to it! It’s now time to install a beautiful gas fireplace for your home.