How to Explain Bone Repair to Kids – Balanced Living Magazine

In addition, it is essential to help your patients understand the procedure of bone healing. It’s possible that they don’t know why they need to see your doctor, and then wear an esthetic for the next few weeks. Below is an easy explanation that will help you understand what you need to do.

A fractured bone is defined by a deficiency of integrity in a bone. It is usually caused by what doctors refer to as “mechanical injury.” Also known as the fracture. The bone repair process helps to restore the bone’s integrity as well as continuity following an injury. When a bone fracture is incurred, bone repair happens in four distinct stages: hematoma, soft callus, bony callus and the process of remodeling.

After 48 hours of an injury, the initial step is taken. The blood cells and platelets bridge the gap between the fractured pieces of bone. A soft callus can be seen shortly following the initial hematoma phase. It could last two weeks or more. The stage of bone callus, where healing starts, occurs within 2-12 weeks after the initial fracture. The process of remodeling should occur approximately three months later. The child will be able to get the castoff within this time. skf21aarld.