How to Clean Industrial Coolant Tanks – Andre Blog

It is also important to ensure that they are maintained in good condition by regular cleaning. In the video below, we will show you how to clean your HAAS machine-tool coolant tank.

As time passes, the oil generated by the different tools that a machine uses will get caught up in the coolant tank. This causes it to be more difficult for the tank to fully cool. Examine the level of the oil in the coolant tank every now and again.

Cleansing wipes with oil absorbents are necessary to get rid of the oil. The oil-absorbing wipes may be laid on top of liquid in order to allow it to evaporate any excess liquid. The oil will stick on the wipes. Oil is extremely flammable so dispose of the wipes in an appropriate container for flammable materials.

For a visual inspection of any metal chips that are in the tank of coolant You can use a spoon with a perforated opening. It’s normal for machines to toolwork to generate these byproducts, however, the coolant tank should not be blocked by the chips. This causes the coolant to be displaced, and it is difficult to tell if you have enough coolant in your machine. Get rid of the chips and fill the tank up with coolant.

The full details can be found in the video below.