How Bail Bonds Work – Life Insurance Videos

For their defense, ts must get out from prison. The video will outline what bail bonds are , and what they are and how you can pay.

A judge may set bail in the hearing for arraignment. The amount for bail is determined according to the type of crime committed and how the judge interprets evidence. Also, it is contingent upon the history of each defendant. If the accused has a clean criminal record and is a reputable member of the society, bail could be decreased.

The bail amount is paid by the defendant, a person who is the friend of the defendant or a bail bondsman. The money will be kept up to the sentencing hearing in cases where the bail has been paid by the defendant’s friend or loved one. The defendant is required to appear on all court dates. They will receive an reimbursement less a amount that courts will charge for keeping the money.

If bail bail is not payed, the bail bondsman is required to post the bail. They’ll take a 15 to 20 percentage fee and pay the balance. The defendant doesn’t get their fee back but it keeps the money secure and can help them with their case if they aren’t able to pay enough.

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