Easiest Countries for Americans to Retire to – Consumer Reports Travel

time. There are a lot of options for activities and sights to take in. A lot of people believe it’s worth the effort to move to a new country. It’s thrilling learning about a brand new people, culture, food, etc. However, there are so many nations to explore. Which is suitable for you? This video will show you ten countries where it is the easiest to retire. If you’re considering moving into one of these nations get in touch with a long distance relocation company.

One great place to get retired in is Panama. Panama offers a wealth of food and culture. The cost of living in Panama is also extremely low. Americans could earn more one month than what the average Panamanian makes in a year. If you want to learn more about Panama, it is possible to stay at least 180 days. You must however surrender your United States citizenship to become a Panamanian citizen.

If you prefer not to sacrifice your citizenship Ireland may be a good option for you. It also has an excellent culture and stunning landscape. Healthcare facilities are great. You only need to reside in Ireland for 4 years to be an Irish citizen.