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The video “The Steps to Mediation” clarifies that mediation begins by setting boundaries, and it ends at the point you determine how you want to take the next step. After you have completed mediation training you’ll be able to effectively conduct mediation. Being aware of the elements of this process can help you make sense of the process.

The mediator first sets the conditions for bringing all parties together. Setting out some guidelines to guide the conversation occurs in this stage. After establishing clear boundaries it is time to move to the topic of venting. Although we may not allow venting in mediation rooms today it was a regular aspect of the past. It can benefit both the mediator as well as the other parties affected. Once folks have expressed the issues they have, they’ll have a more comfortable space in which for productive discussion. As the mediating parties share, the mediator should take note of any problems that require attention. Also, the mediator needs to focus on conflicts that are major in this moment.

In the end, mediation involves the mediator creating a secure, safe space for discussion and guiding all parties through that space to a workable plan for settlement. hp5tgooban.